Why Handmade Soap?

Commercial soap is produced in large batches-100.000 pounds or more. The mechanized process strips away the natural glycerin, adding it to the expensive moisturizers , face creams, and body lotions.
Glycerin is naturally produced in soap (a natural moisturizer). Without this natural glycerin, a commercial bar of soap will dry out your skin and face quickly. Take the test. Wash your hands with each, you will notice the difference immediately! Commercial soaps add fillers (inexpensive synthetic detergents) which will make more soap and create a greater profit.

Handmade and Handcrafted soaps are made in small batches by a soap maker. Personal attention is given to each small batch. Our soap is rich in glycerin, Vitamin E, Olive, Shea, Coconut and Cocoa butters to give your skin much needed moisturizer for smooth, soft, vibrant skin. Our handcrafted soap cakes are creamy, scented on the lighter side with High Quality Pure Essential Oils, with a soft bubbly lather. When bathing with our soap, please take care using a proper soap dish that will drain away the water after bathing. Handmade soap will keep for months and months! Always know, that one handmade bar of soap will last longer than several commercial soaps. Handmade soap is pure, no fillers added. Handmade soap goes back to the true home soap makers of years ago.

Handmade soap cakes vs. Liquid soap.
It is simply much more economical .
Again, there are no commercial fillers in handmade soaps and very little water added.
The majority of Liquid soap is water and when using it, I find that half the soap goes down the drain.

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