The most important thing you can do for your skin

Exfoliation, derived from the Latin exfoliatus (to strip off leaves), is a term that describes any process meant to remove dead skin flakes from the body. This simple process can be done easily from home, and will result in more radiant, younger, and softer skin than before. ¬†While the specific process of exfoliation will depend on the materials and area of focus, you’ll find there are many similarities common to each of the techniques. Committing to a proper routine of exfoliation will have your skin looking younger, and feeling softer than ever before.

For a natural exfoliate, I love the facial clays or the sugar scrub small rounds for my face, and the deep exfoliating sand scrubs for my body especially my feet.

After exfoliating is the perfect time to moisturize. Skin is cleansed deep, moisturizing now will get deep into all layers of your skin. Your skin will glow!