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When developing these versions, the system is as follows: Changes in needs in planning delivery plans also affect your schedule and production planning. This is usually an agreement on certain limits. However, the customer does not always comply. Checking agreed tolerances upon entry of a release order helps to detect violations at an early stage and to respond in a timely manner. Do you want to optimize the efficiency and transparency of appointment management and fully manage sap ERP in the assisted form of IT? We look forward to advising you. Call us or send us an email. When a creation profile is available, it will aggregate the release data (i.e. expected) in quantities and dates. Here, WSW software can help. Whether it`s an annual change, tolerance control or publication order analysis, we expand the SAP standard without modification with our proven SPEEDI routines and solutions and offer you the computer and largely automated processing of futures contracts directly in SAP ERP. They establish delivery plan releases (delivery plans) that include classifications of a particular delivery plan item. These are instant images of the entire delivery plan, which is stored in the system at certain times.

In the SAP environment, the associated processes are processed by the SAP delivery plan. The biggest challenge is to completely and error-freely modify the delivery plans that are included in the SD delivery plan. Only then can we ensure that customer requirements are updated in SAP and that open delivery volumes are properly calculated in a timely manner. In addition, a lot of management plan information needs to be transferred later in the shipping process. An analysis of the behavior of the output command at the daily, weekly or monthly level also gives you an overview of the tolerance limits that have been violated and whether the customer`s exit order behavior has slowly changed over a long period of time. Based on the analysis of MM delivery plans, you can also optimize your own publishing order behavior. This can often be difficult due to the complex requirements of manufacturers, especially when you are embedded in the automotive industry. This is the case, for example, with the logic of release orders at HONDA USA, NISSAN or as part of the new logistics concept (NLK) at Volkswagen. Often, the manufacturer also transmits additional data, z.B.

as part of the Release Authorization Number (RAN), which must also be added to the SAP delivery contract. In addition, we offer packages of special SPEEDI solutions, called OEM packages, that systematically reflect the complex requirements of different manufacturers in SAP ERP. This includes integrating delivery plans, including additional data in SAP`s delivery contract, to balancing extended transit notifications and correctly preparing labels and delivery forms. SPEEDI delivery copiers for SD and MM, which simplify and streamline production and refusal and copy delivery plans, also offer tangible benefits. SPEEDI modules for SAP MM delivery plans optimize their own processes even for suppliers. It generates an SA version in accordance with the creative strategy and inputs on the home screen for the creation of SA. SPEEDI not only offers you highly efficient and transparent date planning in SAP ERP, but it also ensures high process security and minimizes manual tasks. You have more time for your essential tasks – an obvious added value. How can I translate into the vocabulary coach? Results: 31.

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