Soothing Care Package

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  1. Vintage House Soap Factory Care Packages

Send a care package with a personalized note to friends, family or a loved one during these difficult times. Our Soothing Care Package some of our most soothing products:

  • The Relaxing Lavender Foam Bath is perfect for relaxing in a hot bath after a stressful day.
  • Our Lavender Soap has fresh lavender seeds added along with Lavender Essential Oil. This Essential Oil is best known for its natural calming ability and research suggests it may be useful in helping with restlessness, and the scent itself is a favorite of those who enjoy our floral scents.
  • The Soothing Body Soak blends sea salts together with Lavender and  Sweet Marjoram Essential Oils.
  • Our Lavender Body Butter contains Lavender Essential Oil which stays with you throughout the day, to continuously calm and soothe. Our moisturizers are perfect for re-hydrating the skin.
  • Finally, the Organic Macha Mate Tea contains an energizing blend of Green Tea, Japanese Macha and Yerba Mate to pick you up after a long day or slow morning.

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