Natural Sunscreen/Sun Butter Vegan Green Tea Sunscreen


Vintage House Soap Factory has partnered with small businesses across the United States to bring our customers spectacular handmade, natural Bath & Body Products! These herbal salves make for a spectacular addition to your home holistic-care kit!

Handmade in Portland, OR each of these salves are made with a specific purpose in mind. Each contains a variety of unique herbs, flowers, and roots to treat specific ailments and promote general wellbeing. Alongside this different essential oils with aromatherapy benefits are added with beeswax, olive oil, and vitamin e to make each salve absorb nicely into the skin.

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This spectacular Sun Butter is the perfect edition to your Summer Skincare. All-natural ingredients are utilized alongside zinc oxide to create this amazing sunscreen that protects your skin from the sun while deeply moisturizing your skin. No harsh chemicals, synthetic colors, or fragrances are added. Apply to your face, nose, ears, and entire body before being exposed to the sun. Reapply as necessary after swimming.

Ingredients: Green Tea Olive Oil, Elder Flower and *Violet Infused Grapeseed Oil, Non-nano Zinc Oxidize, Shea Butter, Red Raspberry Seed Oil, Candelilla Wax, Non-GMO Vitamin E Oil