Title: Kris Kringle Cut Out Soap Cookies DIY Workshop (6)
November 18, 1pm
Description: 🍪 Join us for a delightful and creative holiday experience at our Kris Kringle Cut Out Soap Cookies DIY Workshop! 🌟
Are you ready to add a personalized touch to your holiday gifting? In this hands-on workshop, you’ll have the chance to craft 1/2 a dozen of your very own soap cookies that look good enough to eat. But don’t be fooled, these cookies are meant for a luxurious bath-time treat!
Here’s what you can expect:
🎨 Customization: You get to choose your favorite scents and molds, making each soap cookie uniquely yours. Whether it’s a classic holiday aroma or something a bit unexpected, the choice is yours!
👩‍🎨 Decorating Fun: After molding your soap cookies, it’s time to unleash your inner artist. We’ll provide icing and a variety of decorative elements to turn your soap creations into works of art. Think of it as a cookie decorating session, but with soap!
🎁 Personalized Gifts: These Kris Kringle soap cookies are perfect as personalized gifts for your loved ones. Whether it’s for friends, family, or coworkers, you’ll have six beautiful and fragrant soap cookies to share with your nearest and dearest.
So, bring your creativity and holiday spirit, and let’s make this season a little brighter, one Kris Kringle Cut Out Soap Cookie at a time!
Don’t miss out on this fun and unique DIY workshop. Secure your spot today, and let’s create some wonderful holiday memories together. See you there! 🎄✨
You are welcome to bring in your own treats and beverage

Please bring a glass or plastic container to transport your soaps in. 

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West Seneca, New York