Lemongrass Sugar Scrub Soap:

Infused with shredded lemongrass and lemongrass essential oil, our lemongrass bar harnesses the herbs antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. It curbs bacterial and microbial growth, reducing the risk of infections such as Cellulitis and Folliculitis. Additionally, it combats fungal infections, acting as an astringent to minimize pores and control oil secretion. Each bar also has added sugar for gentle exfoliation to eliminate dead skin cells.

Notes of: Lemongrass


Glycerin, Natural Oils (Olive, Soybean, Coconut, Canola, Sunflower Seed), Shea Butter, Aqua, Sodium Hydroxide, EO’s & FO’s, Vitamin E, Mica

Plant-Based Ingredients | Handmade Daily | No Harsh Chemicals | Free of Animal Fats & Testing


All soap bars range from 5 to 6 ounces. Due to the handmade nature of this product size, and details, may vary.

How to use:

Lather up with our handmade soap bars, then rinse clean! Handmade Soap lasts longer when its able to drain, so be sure to store your bar somewhere it won't sit in moisture.

Why Vintage House?

Vintage House Soap crafts each of our artisanal and therapeutic soap bars by hand in West Seneca, New York. From individual scrolls, to leaves and berries, the detail on our soaps is unlike any other. Whether you are looking for an artful addition to your home, a thoughtful gift, or a cleansing experience like no other, you've come to the right place. Each bar utilizes a moisturizing olive oil base, with additives such as vitamin e and shea butter for an amazing lather.

Not only will your skin thank you when you use our soap bars, your support continues to allow our small business, our family, and our community to thrive. We are dedicated to zero-waste, sustainable, recyclable packaging, and continuously give back to our local community in Western New York.

How long will my bar last?

Our soap bars are not only beautiful, they're economical! By avoiding fillers, and making soap as it was intended (without removing all the beneficial ingredients used in serums and other concentrated products), our bars are made to last. On average, you can expect ours bars to last anywhere from 2-4 months depending upon how often you wash.


Normal, Oily, Mature