Hand Sanitizer Refill Pack (8oz Refill and 4oz Spritzer)

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This pack contains one Hand Sanitizer and an additional refill bottle which is meant to refill existing bottles of hand sanitizer, it contains no spritzer but contains a hefty 8oz of Hand Sanitizer to use in your Hand Sanitizer Bottle. Save $6 when you buy this pack!

99+isopropyl alcohol, Pure Glycerin, Aloe Vera Gel, Eucalyptus, Lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oils, 99.9 Effective against germs

We added top of the line Essential Oils to further the reduction of Antibodies, including Fungle and Microbe. Non-drying with added skin protections of Glycerin and Aloe Vera.

For most effective cleansing, spray sanitizer on entire surface of hands, rub together for 20 seconds until dry. Disinfect all public areas and spritz in crowded air space.