Galaxy Bath Bomb


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Many issues can be helped while soaking in a warm bath!

I am a Bath fanatic! I admit it, after a long day on my feet and a stressful day, nothing helps me more than a warm bath. Soaking in the tub just relaxes our muscles, joints and our minds. Add an essential oil bath bomb and pure bliss!

Get ready for a good long bath soak with our extra large Galaxy Bath Bombs. These beautiful artisan bombs have blends of fruits, florals, and herbs. Our Shea Butter bombs are luxurious and hydrating to your skin. Just pop one into your bath and watch the magic happen. Filled with sea salts, Epson Salts Pure rich Shea Butter and a pinch of vitamin E this bath bomb is sure to hydrate dry skin and leave your skin feeling oh so soft!

A word of caution: Essential oils and Shea Butter can leave the floor of a bathtub very slippery, please be careful when entering and exiting the bathtub.


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