Creating your own Beautiful Bento Cakes:
these cakes will put your creative juices in play, you will pick your own mold, scents, topper molds, icing and cake colors, micas and glitter drizzle to make spectactular soap cakes.
¬†Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you make your own stunning soap bento cakes:

Ingredients and Materials:

  1. Soap Base
    • You can use a variety of soap bases such as glycerin, shea butter, goat milk, etc.
  2. Molds:
    • Select a bento-style mold for your soap cakes. You can find molds with compartments to create different layers and designs.
  3. Scents:
    • Pick fragrance oils or essential oils – Consider scents like lavender, citrus, vanilla, or any fragrance you find appealing.
  4. Topper Molds:
    • Choose small, intricate molds for creating cake toppers. This could include miniature fruits, flowers, or any other decorative shapes.
  5. Icing:
    • Use a contrasting color of soap base for the “icing” part of your bento cake. This will be the top layer that covers the rest of the cake.
  6. Cake Colors:
    • Select soap colorants or micas to add vibrant colors to your cake layers. Consider a glitter drizzle to make your cake outshine the rest!

      When: December 7
      Time:6:30 pm-8:30
      Cost: 35.00
      Please bring a glass or plastic container for transporting
      Holiday music will be playing, you are more than welcome to bring a beverage and snack to enjoy at snack time