Join us December 16th at 1pm for a Blend your Own Essential Oil Soap Loaf Class!

In this DIY workshop you will be creating your custom own soap using essential oil blends that you have produced along with beautiful soap art techniques. It is a delightful way to infuse the holiday spirit into your bathroom and to offer heartfelt gifts to your loved ones, teachers, neighbors, friends, and coworkers. This exquisite bar will not only look stunning but also offer a refreshing and invigorating scent essential offering therapeutic and aromatherapeutic values for your bath


Ingredients and Materials:

Glycerin soap and Olive Oil Soap, Essential Oils, butters, micas, oils, vitamin e

You will create a beautiful flowing effect topped with lusters of micas and sparkles. Now you have a stunning and fragrant essential oil soap with beautiful soap art techniques. Wrap them in festive packaging or gift them as they are to brighten up your holiday season and spread joy to your loved ones and those around you. 

Please bring a glass or plastic container to transport your bars home in.

You may bring treats and a beverage to enjoy.

Let the bars cure for a few weeks in a cool, dry place to ensure a hard, long-lasting soap.