Whipped Soap in a Jar

Whipped Soap leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. This soap has a low PH making it a fantastic face and body wash. Perfect for Shaving Soap in a jar, Paraben-Free and Propylene Glycol Free. When you pop open this jar and try it out, you will be hooked!

Antibacterial Benefits

Our antibacterial whipped soap is filled with germ busting ingredients making them ideal to get rid of harmful microbes and various strains of bacteria. We added moisturizers and vitamins to keep your skin healthy and free from drying and cracking. Blends of antiseptic germ busting scents such as Lemon, Eucalpytus, Tea Tree, and Sage.

Directions for use:

Scoop out a dollop and place on a bath poof or washcloth or even a little in your hand and watch the foamy lather and bubbles. A little goes a long way!


Olive Oil, Essential Oils, Vitamin E, Salt, Glycerin, W