Iowa Commercial Real Estate Purchase Agreement

Iowa Residential Purchase Agreement – This document can be used to enter into a legally binding agreement between a buyer and seller of residential real estate. While there are many standard forms online, your interests can be better protected by hiring an experienced real estate lawyer to design or verify the contract. This ensures that all elements of your special and unique transaction are legal and fair and that your rights are protected. Our lawyers are highly experienced in Iowa real estate law and strive to help you with a simple and hassle-free real estate purchase or sale. Agency Disclosure and Confirmation/Directive (193-E12.2 (543B)) – All licensees must make this form available to each party in a real estate transaction. A contract for the purchase and sale of commercial property in Iowa is a contract entered into by both parties to a real estate transaction, the seller and a potential buyer. This form defines the terms of the real estate transaction to ensure that the agreement is in the mutual interest of both parties. Serious money must be deposited by the potential buyer as a sign of good faith and is returned to the buyer when the contract is terminated. Certain contingencies are included in the agreement, such as inspection, financing, title and valuation, to ensure that all conditions are met to promote a fair and successful transaction. When selling or buying real estate, a full sales contract or offer to purchase sketches out the details of the sale and protects the rights of all parties involved. Our Iowa City real estate practice can verify a contract of sale, whether you are the buyer or seller, and give advice on how to proceed. An Iowa real estate purchase agreement form should contain detailed payment and schedule information, such as:.

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