In Accordance With Section 3.2(F) Of The Apple Developer Program License Agreement

How did you receive the message from section 3.2(f) of the Apple Developer Program License? Apple no longer needs Indians. it is better to switch to other platforms. they only accept publishers and established third-party companies. Steve Jobs has helped us a lot, but with Tim Cook, I don`t see why I have to keep buying expensive equipment that I won`t use anymore. I was a developer, they don`t want me as a developer anymore, so let`s keep going. I`m going to sell my stuff because there are other things I could invest in now to make money. Apple is arrogant now. I`m sure other developers who have this situation now think the same thing: I`m going to stop buying expensive things from Apple because I no longer need to have the ultimate iPhone X, iPad Pro, Apple TV 4k or MacBook Pro Touch Bar 15″ 512Gb. I will sell the iPhone x and buy a Samsung device.

Sell the iPad Pro, because with a Samsung Note 8, I can do everything I need. I can replace Apple TV for Android boxes that allow me to put Kodi rather than pay Apple loans ($$$) to watch movies instead of Google for example ($$). And in the end, Macbooks are really good for working with photos, but if you don`t need to work with photos, because you can`t be a developer. Take a cheaper laptop instead. Save money. Stop paying for this abusive business that looks like a social mountaineer. Once up there, you know how it ends. Apple wants it now; New developers who have just rolled in are not let go……. Apple **** now. I`ve been a developer for her since Steve lived. Now, Apple only thinks about profits.

So close your account, they keep your $100. How much do you think they earn now? I developed an application for a client. It is a simple Webview application that indicates the client`s website in the application and allows the client to send push notifications with messages to users. Originally, they refused the app and said I needed a written persmission to use its name, so I handed over the app with the signed agreement of the public person, but Apple asked for its agreement again. Go against and start developing Nintendo Switch or Xbox (look at the gains made by the indie team with Unity to develop Cuphead). Apple has been profitable in the past. Today, only the elite can develop for them (Rovio, EA, Sega,…). They decided they only wanted to mark apps and games.

More Indians. The same indie developers who help them grow as an App Store (do you remember Fandango??). Millions of developers and businesses develop, ship, and wait for their software on GitHub – the world`s largest and most advanced development platform…