How To Break A Lease Agreement In Texas

Texas courts allow landlords to collect so-called “relocation fees,” which are the lessor`s costs resulting from early termination of the lease.1 While there is no specific Texas law regulating the amount of these fees, excessive fees that are not related to actual early termination expenses may be from a court. Tenants should consult a lawyer if they believe their lease carries an unusually high penalty for early termination. Most experts agree that the proactive solution to a situation with your landlord is ideal, if possible. If you wish or need to break your rental agreement prematurely, first contact your landlord and discuss the situation. Recruit their help to reduce your costs to a minimum. Landlords often strive to avoid problems and may encourage you to hire a new tenant. Ideally, you can terminate the lease free of charge without incurring unnecessary costs. If you need help understanding a rental agreement, meet with a qualified lawyer. Seek professional advice before attempting to take legal action or appear in court.

You can also look at negotiations from another angle: Could your rental break really benefit your landlord in some way? For example, do you rent units near you even more than you currently pay? You`ll probably be more successful if you rent from a private owner, rather than a large management company with less flexibility. There are many reasons why Texas tenants choose to break a lease. .