Himalayan Salt Agreement With India

But exports gained national notoriety this year, after Pakistani Twitter discovered that the country was selling cheap salt in India, where it was processed and sold with a supplement – and worse, without listing the country of origin. The revelation sparked a viral campaign. Under an agreement of June 24, 1947, India is continuously supplied with Pakistani salt despite war or peace. Similarly, they agreed not to block Pakistani waters, while they are constantly building dams on our water, in violation of the agreement. After the Pulwama escalation, India did everything in its power to sabotage Pakistan`s economy by taking certain unsympathetic measures, such as a 200% increase in tariffs on our goods, which almost prohibit them from entering their country. This occurred with immediate effect after India withdrew the status of “Favorite Must Nation” (MFN) in Pakistan. During the currency of this agreement, the two governments may, by mutual agreement, amend, extend or supplement the timetables of this agreement. Qaisar Mahmood, a small salt exporter, said these are typical conditions for a local plant. This highlighted the challenges facing the salt industry in Pakistan. Mahmood said he knew he could sell $300 a tonne in Europe. But he does not speak English, does not know the market and cannot comply with European standards. Political events have added their own upheavals.

On 5 August, India reduced the autonomy of the part of Kashmir it controlled. The Pakistani authorities feared that India`s approach would weaken Pakistan`s own claims to the disputed area. Pakistan has returned the favour by banning bilateral trade with India, which has devastated the salt industry. The export and/or importation of goods not included in the “A” and “B” schemes are also permitted in accordance with the laws, rules and procedures in force from time to time in both countries. Much of the pink Himalayan salt consumed in the world comes from Pakistan. But in a context of strained relations with neighbouring India, gem salt has become a matter of national pride and sovereignty. Instead of selling the raw material cheaply in China and India, Islamabad now wants to boost exports of pink salt to the West. Our correspondents report back.

The two governments agree to provide all necessary assistance to facilitate the export and importation of “A” and “B” cargo and flight plans and to consult with each other on all matters arising from trade in goods and goods between the two countries during the currency and in accordance with this agreement.