Handmade Soap is More Economical

Yes it’s true, a seven dollar bar of Handmade Soap is much more economical that one commercial bar!  Here’s why.

One commercial bar contains “fillers”  these fillers can be nasty detergents that break down very quickly when water is applied to them, leaving your new bar 1/4 of the way gone after one shower/bath.  I explain it this way.  Think of a large glass vase with 4 parts.

The 1st part is Soap

The 2nd part detergents

the 3rd part is made of sulphates/phosphates

4th part water/fragrance

except for the first part ” Soap”  all the other other parts will wash away quickly.  So basically you just bought a quarter piece of soap!

Handmade Soap is just that – Pure Soap.  It will last and last as long as you keep it dry in between baths/showers.  I like to keep it on a soap saver.  A soap saver is a block with holes in it to allow the water to drain.  Vintage House Soap carries a Soap Saver  here on our website.  But you can use anything that will allow the soap to drain away the water.

So next time you see commercial bars at a super good price,  keep in mind your buying about 1/4 of a bar of soap!