Epk Agreement

Enercon was the first OEM to offer a complete package to turbine owners/operators. The company`s partnerKonzept (EPK) includes comprehensive service and maintenance support as well as financial compensation for lost revenue. An EPK contract has a term of 12 to 15 years, which is the typical lifespan of a turbine loan. Owners contribute to EPK costs of EUR 0.012/kWh, but a contractual agreement provides for a minimum annual fee depending on the turbine model. “The festival prefers to receive as much material as possible electronically. For all films selected for competitions, it is necessary to have an EPK with clips selected for use in the television press. » Do you have any questions about our wind turbines? According to Enercon, more than 90% of the turbines installed have EPK coverage. The package is not cheap, but it can bring additional benefits, including lower insurance premiums and easier access to project finance, thanks to the reduction of the long-term investment risk profile. Would you like to know more about ENERCON`s training opportunities? Please contact the ENERCON global training team:E-mail: customer-Training@enercon.deAphone: +49 (0) 4941 6973 445 Watson in the presence of Staff Panel: EPK October 19,201210:00 a.m. 22 October and 24 October – 5 November 201210:00.m. 22 October andOctober 24-29,201210:00 a.m.October 23,20122:30 p.m. October 26,201210:00 a.m Global Energy Group, Ltd., New Gold Limited Partnerships, Christina Harper, Howard Rash, Michael Schaumer, Elliot Feder, Vadim Tsatskin, Oded Pasternak, Alan Silverstein, Herbert Groberman, Allan Walker, Peter Robinson, Vyacheslav Brikman, Nikola Bajovski, Bruce Cohen and Andrew Shiffs. Enercon service is synonymous with high quality worldwide and customer satisfaction is a top priority. To meet the needs and requirements of customers, we are therefore constantly optimizing our range of services.

Client information and transparent services are key factors. As a well-established service product, the ENERCON PartnerKonzept (EPK) offers an ideal foundation for every owner and ensures optimal WEC performance throughout life. Maintenance, service and repair are bundled into a package that includes guaranteed technical availability of up to 97%. Not an Adobe user yet? Our EPK template is now available for the free online software Google Slides. Super easy to use! Subscribe to the epK Google Slides Template download. Vestas recently announced that it intends to “aggressively move towards a full-service model.” As part of its Active Exit Management (AOM), Vestas Central Europe offers a fully service AOM 4000 package for 5-20 years. With its new V112-3.0 MW turbine, the company has also introduced what is known as reliability-focused maintenance, an overall strategy to reduce operating and maintenance costs. Download free PDFs copies of our EPK template from our members section. Sign in to download and access member-only content.

The goal of your EPK is not only to interest the recipient in the viewing of your film, but also to show how they can market your film in a simple and effective way. The difference is like going to Dragons Den in the hope of selling a prototype to one of the dragons, instead of trying to convince them to produce, promote and sell thousands of copies. You need to draw a picture of the success of your production.. . .