Country Which Has A Visa Waiver Agreement With New Zealand

No no. Currently, New Zealand nationals are allowed to enter the European Union without a visa. If ETIAS is fully operational by the end of 2022, NZ holders can continue to enter the EU without a visa, but must register online for an ETIAS before their trip. New Zealanders travelling to the Schengen area with an ETIAS can participate in events such as a congress or a short workshop. However, etIAS visa-free conditions clearly state that the holder can only travel, transit or business for travel, transit or business purposes. Before you travel to a country, you need to know the basic facts. New Zealand is a small country of similar size to Great Britain or Japan. With a population of just over 4 million people, it is beautifully unoccupied. Learn more about New Zealand here. Hungary allows New Zealand nationals who wish to stay more than 90 days in the country to apply for a residence card from the Regional Directorate of the Office of Immigration and Nationality within 90 days of their arrival and do not need to obtain a residence permit before arriving in Hungary (unlike most other third-country and Swiss nationals).

[377] Family members (who are not New Zealand nationals) accompanying New Zealand nationals may apply for a residence permit after arriving in Hungary. [378] For example, if a New Zealand national wishes to settle in Hungary with her husband and daughter (both Of Whom are British and non-New Zealand citizens), all three may apply for a Hungarian residence permit after their arrival in Hungary (although the husband and daughter are required to apply for a Schengen visa before travelling to Hungary). NB: The Cook and Niue Islands are not NZ-dependent areas, they are in free association with New Zealand Many countries have contracts that allow their citizens to enter New Zealand without first applying for a visitor visa. Citizens of these countries must continue to meet certain entry requirements and, upon arrival, complete a new Zealand passenger arrival card (available at all New Zealand airports). Once these steps are complete, they can be issued a visitor visa allowing them to stay in New Zealand for up to 3 months (6 months for UK citizens). The full list of countries with visa exemption in New Zealand is available below. Citizens of the following countries can benefit from New Zealand`s visa-free programme: the Netherlands exempts New Zealand citizens from the requirement: to obtain a Schengen “D” visa (the long-term residence visa in the Netherlands of more than 90 days, known as the “MVV” visa in Dutch) – an exemption that goes beyond the visa exemption granted to most other non-EEA and non-Swiss nationals, who generally receive only a maximum of 90 days of exemption over a 180-day period. [380] For more information, see:

The exemption from the ETIAS visa requirement for New Zealanders is valid for a total of 3 years from the date of authorisation and allows unlimited entry into the Schengen area. The EU visa exemption is electronically linked to a citizen`s passport, in particular the passport used in the application process.