Upcoming Workshops

Spa Night at the Factory – A Night of Face and Skin Care, August 15th

At this workshop, we’re not only learning how to make products to pamper the skin, we’re also pampering ourselves! It’s all about the face at this workshop, so we’ll be learning how to make a fresh face mask! Once we take a break from the recipe we’ll each be enjoying a facial massage. More information and Sign Ups here.

A Lip Balm of Your Own – Custom Lip Balm Instructional Workshop, August 22nd

Lip Balms provide an extra layer to the lips surface to seal in moisture and protect them from exposure from elements that might allow them to chap. The summer heat and cold winter contribute largely to our lips overall look, so we thought we’d show you how to make your own flavored lip balm naturally! More information and Sign Ups here.


Autumn Scents Bath Bomb Workshop, September 5th

In this workshop, you will create your own handmade Bath Bombs with a few different Fall Scents!

We will be making several full-sized bath bombs with all-natural ingredients that nourish your skin, reduce muscle tension, relieve muscle pain and naturally moisturize. More information and Sign Ups here.

Shedding Summer Skin, Foot Scrub & Reflexology Workshop, September 19th

At this Workshop, we will make a End of Summer foot scrub to rejuvenate your feet and prepare them for the Fall season! These foot scrubs will not exfoliate away your dry skin, they will also increase circulation and cleanse the skin while restoring moisture.

After we make our wonderful foot scrubs we will all have a chance to pamper ourselves with a foot massage and reflexology session! Snacks and drinks will also be provided. More information and Sign Ups here.