Cargo Aircraft Charter Agreement

The Baltic Air Charter Association (“BACA”) has prepared the attached draft model contract as a guide for its members and others with regard to frequently used contractual terms that are involved in agreements that may cover their activity. The attached project template is for reference and illustrative purposes only and is not exhaustive or definitive, as all transactions are different. BACA makes no representation or warranty as to the effectiveness or applicability of this project or its contents and BACA assumes no responsibility to those who can rely on it. All persons wishing to use this project should benefit from their own separate legal advice. 3.03 ICEBREAKING FEES. A fee in addition to the charter price set out in this Agreement shall be charged by the Carrier to CHARTERER for fifty (50) per cent of all icing/de-icing costs incurred by the air carrier in the performance of flights under this Agreement. The air carrier is only liable for baggage actually received by a representative of each passenger`s air carrier upon check-in at the airport. Luggage is carried within the space and weight limits of the aircraft. With the exception of the assistance of disabled passengers, any baggage that cannot be carried on the chartered aircraft shall be carried on the means requested by the CHARTERER and at the expense of the CHARTERER. For more information on the current value of a special drawing right, see Final charges are subject to the limits of the WAT at the time of flight and are also subject to the final assessment of the master….