About Us

Vintage House Soap hand creates fresh Bath and Beauty products daily from Orchard Park, New York. Making each product by hand in small batches allows us to make sure each batch is filled with all natural skin loving ingredients that will benefit your skin.

We use only the finest high quality ingredients, Creamy Butters, like Shea Butter. Pumpkin Butter, Rich Oils, like Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Fresh Fruits, seeds and Herbs.


Vintage House Soap follows the homemaker of many years past.  

She would put together a pot of fat, oil, fruit, herbs, and sugar to make soap for her family. That soap of many years ago, was so rich and wonderful for the skin.  When manufacturing began of bath products, soap was made using the same techniques of the homemaker, but, as years went by, cheap substitutes of synthetic chemicals and fillers were added to make more of a larger profit, but surely compromising the product. Many studies have shown that these cheap substitutes found in commercial bath and beauty product have shown to cause skin issues,

Dry skin, allergies, psoriasis, Eczema,  Rosacea. Many of those ingredients like SLS (Sodium laurel Sulphate) Sulphate’s and Parabens have long been thought to carry carcinogens.

Today at Vintage House Soap, we celebrate the homemaker of the past and continue on her path to offer you the same high quality Bath and Beautify Products.

In small batches by hand.